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Local Schools

We are lucky to have it all in Guanacaste. Our expert team will assist your family not only in buying the perfect property in the Tamarindo area and beyond, but also in helping you navigate the many important educational and lifestyle choices you’ll be making.

Families take note: you can buy or rent property in Costa Rica and still live at the beach, while providing your children with a world class bilingual education! Please feel free to contact us for more information on the local schools near your desired property.

One of the unique advantages Guanacaste offers over other provinces in Costa Rica is that it’s one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the world. We are proud to be part of a thriving global community, which has established some of the highest quality bilingual and international education available in the world today – at a much lower cost than you might expect.

From Tamarindo to the nearby beach communities, you will hear many languages being spoken and have access to the cultural richness of exciting programs and art forms brought to our local schools from all regions of the world. With its great weather, perfect surf for every level, and vibrant lifestyle, our beautiful region has attracted a population of educational experts from many countries that have chosen to dedicate their lives to our children.

Proven bilingual and multilingual educational programs in Tamarindo range from traditional to holistic, nature-based Waldorf education, IB curriculum, alternative ocean-based education…and much more. An impressive list of universities have accepted graduates from our local programs, so you can feel confident your kids will have a fantastic and healthy educational experience here.

Depending on where you end up living, please contact us and we would be happy to make further recommendations as to what school best fits your desired area (as far as drive times, etc.). Of course, we always recommend that you interview the administration and teachers beforehand, in order that you find the best school/programs for your family.

Guanacaste Waldorf School


Tide Academy

La Paz School

Costa Rica International Academy

Centro Educativo GEA

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